Why do you train?

With Kanzaki sensei
With Kanzaki sensei
I am very fortunate to have good teachers. Teachers who cared about not only my technical competence, but also with providing me with a strong ethical component to my training. For that I am eternally grateful as their patience guided me through the tumultuous periods of adolescence and young adulthood.

I mention this because of the growing popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) among the general public; especially young people. Let me say that I am not against MMA for those who want to participate in this dynamic, combative sport. However, at times I am taken aback somewhat by the emphasis on outcome – defeating the opponent, the “ground and pound” mentality, the showmanship, the exhibitionism, etc. Where is the counter-weight to these behaviours? How are they checked?For myself, I was taught that Karate-do and Kobudo training were for three main reasons:

  • Long life (長い人生)
  • Creating a healthy body/mind (健康な身体を作る)
  • Self-protection (身を守る)

Perhaps these reasons may seem overly simplistic, but they hold a profound truth which has helped me throughout my life. Like anything in Karate, the secret is in the details.

Why then do you train?