Updates & Christmas Surprise (Maybe)

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I wanted to give a brief update on the projects I’m working on. First off, I do have a working translation (including formatting) of Mabuni and Nakasone’s “Introduction to Karate-do”. I am thinking of finally joining the 21st Century and publishing it as an e-publication as well as a paperback. The epub format will allow me to ‘push’ updates and revisions to people who have already purchased the book (I think…).

Next I’ve been revising Itoman Morinobu’s “Research on Toudi/Karate”. I will be including a four-part series he wrote for the Ryukyu Shimpo in 1960 on Okinawa martial arts. With the encouragement of my friend Joe Swift (Tokyo Mushinkan), I am considering translating Itoman’s second book, “Kenbu Zasso” (Miscellaneous thoughts on Boxing) and combining both books together. However, as this would significantly delay the current revision, I am still deciding.

Lastly, I have been doing some smaller translations. These are mostly for my own interest and I am not sure what I will do with of them. However, for two, I am hoping to make them available as Christmas surprises. The idea being that people can contribute whatever they want for them and whatever money is received will go towards a local charity or food bank here in Vancouver. Fingers crossed that I make the deadline.

Thank you for your patience.