Uechi-ryu Morote Gedan Nuki
Uechi-ryu Morote Gedan Nuki

Uechi-ryu Morote Gedan Nuki

Uechi-ryu is a popular school of Karate-do not only in Okinawa but also on mainland Japan and throughout the world. It is well-known for its simple, yet powerful techniques and the strong conditioning of its practitioners. I have tremendous respect for Uechi-ryu having done a little bit when I was a student of Minowa sensei while learning Kobudo from him.

I was fortunate to learn Sesan kata from him along with the standard applications (oyo bunkai) that go along with the kata. Although these applications are fine for a low intermediate student to understand simple principles and apply them, they are not (like most applications) terribly useful.

One application in particular always struck me as odd was morote gedan nuki (両手下段貫き) in which the Karateka seizes an ‘opponent’ in front of him and pivots to the right and place him in the path of another ‘opponent’ attacking from the same direction. You can see an example of this technique in the video below.

In my opinion, unless you are someone like Shinjo Kiyohide where you are going to be larger and stronger than your opponent, it is very unlikely you will be able to move your opponent. Indeed when you look at the technique, in the video above the teacher is moving himself and not trying to lift the ‘opponent’ as I’ve seen others do. Furthermore, even if you can this technique as shown, it doesn’t serve much purpose.

A possible alternative meaning to this technique is using your body to collide with the opponent instead of simply grabbing him. A good example of this can be seen below by Xing-i and Baqua student Byron Jacobs (host of The Drunken Boxing Podcast) in the video below.

This explanation seems more reasonable in my opinion, but as I am not a Uechi-ryu practitioner I will defer to those who are more familiar with the style as to its validity and utility to morote gedan nuki.

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