The Perversion of Karate & the Battle of Okinawa

The Battle of Okinawa is the Basis for the “100 million Suicide Attacks” Booklet by the Japanese military.
Professor Hayashi of Kanto Gakuin University Confirms in US Official Documents

As the battle for Okinawa intensified, Hiroshi Hayashi, a professor of modern history at Kanto Gakuin University, confirmed that the booklet “Kokumin Kosen Hikkei” (国民抗戦必携) was published on April 25, 1945 by the Imperial Japanese Army to mobilize the general population for battle against the Allied forces on the mainland. The booklet instructs newly mobilized combatants to carry out on the mainland the reckless tactics recommended by the military in the Battle of Okinawa, such as surprise attacks with sickles and machetes and firing on tanks at close range.

The 22-page booklet, the size of a postcard, is missing two pages but is almost complete. At the beginning of the booklet, it says, “If the enemy lands on the mainland, we must destroy them by 100 million suicide attacks, (omitted)… each of us must defend our hometown, kill or wound the enemy by volunteering to cut them down, and cooperate with the military’s operations.

Citizen Resistance
April 25, 1945
Imperial Japanese Army
Permission was granted for the reprint 800 copies

“Throw Molotov cocktails at American tanks from the side”, and “Surprise American soldiers with bayonets from behind”. The booklet was published by the Imperial Japanese Army Department with many illustrations, and was intended to raise the war spirit of the general public, but at the same time, it exposed the “terminal symptoms” of the Japanese military, which could not keep up with the production and deployment of weapons due to supply shortages, and tried to prepare for a decisive battle on the mainland by using local residents as shields.


In close combat, the size of the sickle used in a surprise attack from behind is described. The book also gives a number of unrealistic and disingenuous suggestions, including the use of “kicks to the testicles,” Judo, and Karate techniques, but assumes that the U.S. military, which uses tanks and flamethrowers, will fight with bare hands.

1. Sword, Spear
Stab the tall Yankees in the belly, don’t cut them.
2. Sickle, Machete, Sledgehammer, Knife, Kitchen Knife, Fire Hook
Approach from behind.
3. Attack
Punch the solar plexus
Kick the groin
Use other Judo and Karate (Toudi) techniques.

Originally Published in the Okinawa Times, May 13, 2010