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I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during these difficult times. It must not be easy on everyone and my thoughts are with you. Having more time that I normally do since teaching has completely stopped and most normal activities are out of the question, I have turned my attention to this blog and other projects that have been put on hold. One of those is the other ‘Karate-do Nyumon’.

When people mention ‘Karate-do Nyumon’ they often think of Funakoshi Gichin’s book published in 1943, but five years earlier another book with the same name was published by Mabuni Kenwa (Shito-ryu) and Nakasone Genwa in 1938. It’s full title was ‘Kobo Jizai Goshin Kenpo Karate-do Nyumon (Karate-jutsu Kyohan)” or “Introduction to Karate-do: The Universal Offence & Defense Self-Defense Art of Boxing (A Teaching Method for Karate-Jutsu)’. 

The title of the book is a bit of a mouthful but it is packed full of fantastic information (once you get past the terrible writing and jingoistic language) and in my opinion is a much more in-depth book on pre-war Karate-do compared to Funakoshi’s (not taking anything away from Funakoshi).

So, I have found myself translating it in my newly found free time. Actually, before I started translating I dug through my old files and was surprised that I had translated some sections of it already: Shorei vs. Shorin; Naihanchin and Sanchin; Bogu Kumite; and a few of the techniques in the technical section. And of course my friend Joe Swift has already translated parts on the full-nelson escape in the kata Kururunfa and the meaning of directions in kata (I think you’ll be getting a Skype call soon Joe-san).

At any rate, getting back into translating old Karate books has been surprisingly easy and although I have no idea when I will finish this project, the process has been fun.

One last thing, if anyone out there has already started translating Mabuni and Nakasone’s “Karate-do Nyumon” please let me know as this is quite an undertaking and I’d be happy to stop. LOL.

Stay safe.

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