Change is Inevitable

Peter Urban (

For those of us that practice Goju-ryu, or any “style” of Karatedo for that matter, change is inevitable. Each student of Miyagi Chojun had his own unique and “correct” way with respect to passing on his curriculum, but who is to say what is “right” or “orthodox” or “correct”? Its a difficult question and not one easily answered. (more…)

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Tradition in the Dojo

Tradition in the dojo

Japanese etiquette and terminology are part of the tradition in the dojo. But these traditions can be problematic when they are transplanted outside of Okinawa and Japan For myself, before I moved to Japan I was very much what you would describe as a “traditionalist” – kneeling bows, heavy Japanese terminology, kamidana, etc. But after living there for an extended period, learning the language, culture and customs, I came to have almost a different view on the value of tradition. (more…)