I find Toyama (Oyadomari) Kanken one of the most interesting and colourful teachers to have…

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Toyama (Oyadomari) Kanken

The Importance of Knowing other Styles

I am still chipping away at translating Mabuni and Nakasone’s Karate-do Nyumon and wanted to share the following few paragraphs on Karate “styles”. I find what they said on this topic, over 80 years ago, still relevant today and hope Karateka will take their words to heart.


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Mabuni Kenwa (1889-1952)

Forest for the trees

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I was listening to Alan Watts the other day and thought what he was discussing –  the authority of religion – was entirely relevant to Karate-do styles. So, I thought I would paraphrase what he had to say but within the context of Karate. I think his message speaks volumes to those Karateka willing to listen.


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