Nepai was once an obscure kata in the Karate world but over the decades it…

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Sanchin by Otsuka Tadahiko

otsuka tadahiko sanchin goju kensha

I’ve been rereading sections of Otsuka Tadahiko’s “Goju Kensha Karate-do Kyohon” published in 1977. For those of you who may not know, Otsuka’s “Goju Kensha Karate-do Kyohan” is a 13-volume series outlining his training methodology for Goju-ryu. For its time, the series was unparalleled and provided detailed explanations of preparatory exercises, fundamentals, kata and applications. Years later, the series was  reprinted as one book and included an instructional DVD; segments of which you can view here. (more…)