Compared to other parts of the world Vancouver summers are rather cool. It rarely get above the mid 20 degrees Celsius. That’s why the weather lately is such a surprise. Climbing into the high 20s and even 30s, Vancouver is breaking temperature records over 100 years old! Since Vancouver is so far north, the sun sets relatively late in the evening at around 9:30, so with the current heatwave the surroundings stay hot for most of the day.

Training in this heat makes Karate and Kobudo practice feel a bit more like training in Japan and Okinawa; mercifully without the humidity. In Japan and Okinawa, training in a dojo at night can be stiflingly hot. There is no air conditioning and if you’re lucky perhaps there may be a small fan pathetically blowing around the hot air that envelope the dojo. Even opening the windows provides almost no relief from the heat and you are left standing in the dojo melting away drop by drop. Eventually all that is left of you is a puddle on the dojo floor. (more…)