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Higa Seko, Goju-ryu, Vancouver, BC,Kowakan, Karate, Hillcrest Community Centre
HIga Seko & Students (Source: http://ryubun21.net/index.php?itemid=2501)

I’m taking a break from my book on Kyoda Juhatsu. So, rumaging through my documents I found this interview conducted by Hokama Tetsuhiro (Kenshikai founder) with Toguchi Sekichi (Shoreikan founder) published in 1986. The interview is quite long, but I thought I’d translate this small piece on Toguchi’s recollections of the opening of Higa Seko’s dojo; which may have been the first commercial dojo opened on Okinawa after the war. As with everything I write on this blog, you’re welcome to use it provided you link back to the source.

Originally published in Hokama Tetsuhiro’s “Karate no Kokoro” (1986) pp.168 – 172