Breathing in Sanchin

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The other day I was teaching a short seminar on Uechi-ryu Sanchin at Vancouver Mind Body (1). It was a good mix of students from a variety of “styles” including Shotokan, Goju-kai, Shito-ryu, etc., and I had a very enjoyable time teaching the class. During the break a participant asked me why the breathing was done the way it is in the kata. I looked at her and in all honesty replied, “I don’t know”. (more…)


Doughjo Boys

Let’s be honest, how many doughjo boys do you see practicing Karatedo? You know what I’m referring to, right? Those Karateka are in good shape? Factor in what you want (age, diet, co-morbidities, etc.) and then ask yourself, “how many of them are fit?” That is, do they have the requisite strength, flexibility, and stamina to perform Karate-do to a satisfactory level? If you’re even a little bit honest with yourself, I’m guessing you answered: (1) you see a lot of doughjo boys in the dojo, and (2) they don’t have an adequate fitness level to perform Karatedo to an acceptable standard.


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Long ago…well maybe not that long ago, people used to do a quick session of daily exercise for “medicinal purposes”. This was sometimes referrred to as a “tonic” and was meant to help maintain your health.


Karate: Self-defense for Aging?

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Higa Minoru of the Kyudokan

Most older Karateka practice for the sheer love of their art and may give little thought to the health benefits it provides. Aging is inevitable, but how we age is just as important as regular practice. Indeed, if Karate is a lifelong pursuit then we have to be in the best of health in order to continue its practice as we get older. (more…)