As the World of Kojo-ryu Turns

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Kojo Shigeru & Yamada Michio

In all honesty, I must be “a few bricks short of a load” as my Irish father would say to be talking about Kojo-ryu as it seems to bring out the worst of Karateka who supposedly practice or support the style. But maybe that is exactly the reason why I write about it because it pulls the internet Karate trolls from the woodwork and into the daylight. 

At any rate, it seems the drama in Kojo-ryu is never ending. As readers of this blog are probably well aware, a video was released earlier this year by Okinawa BBTV showing the main kata of Kojo-ryu featuring Hayashi Shingo and his students. The “phantom” Karate style was no longer hidden in the shadows after the video was released. It caused a bit of an uproar among Karateka outside of Japan who quickly denounced it as not ‘true’ Kojo-ryu; whatever that means.

Well, it seems that this video also struck a nerve in Yamada Michio. So much so to write about it in his blog. From what I can piece together, Yamada, 8th dan, was a senior student of the 6th Soke Kojo Kafu, and appears to be in contact with the Kojo family to this day (more on that in a later blog post). Ironically, he also lives in Tottori prefecture where Hayashi Shingo resides. There he has a dojo and teaches a handful of students. Below you can find a rough translation of his thoughts on the video and althought he does not mention Hayashi Shingo by name, its obvious his comments are directed towards him.