Just Don’t Call It Budo


In 1964, United States judge Potter Stewart ruled on an obscenity case. In his ruling he wrote, “hard-core pornography” was hard to define, but that “I know it when I see it….” Since then his phrase has been applied to a whole host of activities. (more…)


Donn Draeger on Learning a Martial Art

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Donn Draeger

Many Karateka outside of Okinawa and Japan do not believe in the customs found in traditional Karate dojo. Yet ironically these traditions are an integral part of the culture from which Karate sprang and are not easily dismissed.


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Sport or Budo


Happy new year and I wish you health and happiness for 2016. Thank you for your continued support of this blog. Your interest is genuinely appreciated.

With the start of the new year many of us will recommit to our training, reevaluate our goals and focus on new ones. For me this meant I was back in the gym to dust-off my skinny muscles with a bit of weight lifting after a bit of a lay-off at my local community centre. At the gym I saw a new, bright red poster pinned on the wall listing the “principles of sport”.  (more…)