Lottery Dreams

Goju-ryu, Vancouver, Kitsilano, Kobudo, BC, Karate, Lotto

The other day I caught myself daydreaming what my life would be like if I won the lottery here in Canada. Its been growing over the past weeks and there’s been no winning ticket. I think its $60 million now. That’s a good amount of money I would say. More than enough to take care of myself and my family for the rest of their lives, but what about my budo life? How would that amount of money affect it? (more…)


The next day.


The next day Yoshimura sensei picked me up at my hotel. Before practice we went to Minowa sensei’s Ohaka to pay our respects. We burnt insense and said a brief prayer. It’s always hard emotionally for me visiting Minowa sensei’s resting place but it’s even harder on Yoshimura sensei who was his student for 20 years. As we drove to the dojo Yoshimura sensei commented, “even though I live in Amami, I don’t visit sensei as often as I should…” I don’t feel comfortable posting photos of Minowa sensei’s Ohaka; it just doesn’t feel dignified.