Nakasone Genwa’s ‘The Story of Karate’ Now Available on Amazon

I appreciate everyone’s patience as I chip away at ‘An Introduction to Karate-do’ by Nakasone and Mabuni. I am getting closer to finishing it but had a bit of a setback last week (the formatting was wiped from the master document, and I had to spend days reformatting). I am back on track, and I hope to have it done by the end of this month (wish me luck). Then I will print a 2nd proof copy to see how it looks and check it one final time. 

During my research of ‘An Introduction to Karate-do,’ I found that Nakasone published a short booklet called ‘The Story of Karate’ in 1938 to promote the larger introductory book coming out later that same year. There are no earth-shattering revelations in it, but it is an interesting ‘snap-shot’ of the state of Karate on mainland Japan in the late 1930s. So, I translated ‘The Story of Karate’ by Nakasone Genwa and made it available on Amazon as an ebook for $1.99 (1). 

The ‘Story of Karate’ is an experiment to see how Amazon publishing works compared to Lulu Press which I currently use. If everything goes well, I will use Amazon to publish ‘An Introduction to Karate-do,’ first as a hard copy and later as an ebook. 

My sincere thanks for everyone’s patience.

(1) I would have set the price lower, but that was the lowest price Amazon would let me put. That said, I did enable the ‘allow loan for 14 days’ option.