Matsumora Kururunfa….huh?

I was quite surprised when I stumbled across this video on youtube. It’s labelled “Matsumora no Kururunfa” (松茂良のクルルンハ). The text attached to the video reads, “One branch of Tomarite is Matsumura-ryu Kotokukai. One of the thirty-one kata handed down is Kururunfa. An exert of this kata is performed by Yusuke Katayama, Hirofumi Kobayashi, and Yasuaki Mano.” More information on the Kotokukai can be found here. FYI, according to their website the style was founded by Yara Choi who was a student of  Kuba Chojin (1904-1989) who, like Nakasone Seiyu, were students of Iha Kodatsu. Yara eventually got his shihan license from Nagamine Shoshin.

This video is odd for a few reasons. I’ve never heard of a “Matsumora no Kururunfa” in the Iha Tomarite lineage. Moreover, the performance in this video looks pretty much standard to what you would see in the Shito-ryu version of the form. Is it authentic? Its hard to say, so you be the judge.