Kojo-ryu – Guess you’re out of luck

Kojo-ryu, Yamada Michio
Kojo-ryu Proclamation

Like my previous post on Kojo-ryu from Yamada-san’s blog, I was reluctant to translate his announcement as I know it will cause complaints, denials, justifications, and all other sorts of political manuvering among the different groups that purport to practice Kojo-ryu Karate-do. However, I feel its important to hear (what appears to be) the Kojo family’s opinion about all the groups that are practicing Kojo-ryu. This information comes from the blog of Yamada Michio (8th dan) and purported senior student of the 6th Soke, Kojo Kafu.

As I have stated in my other posts on Kojo-ryu. I have no ‘political axe to grind’ in this discussion, but am presenting this information as one side of the discussion. People, especially Karateka, will read into it what they want. 


Last year I met with the Kojo family, the 8th Soke, along with my brother students and we agreed to forbid the use the Kojo name without express permission of some or myself. To those self-advertisers and defilers of Soke in Japan and abroad we issue the following statement:

From now and forever more, Okinawa Orthodox Kojo-ryu Karate-do forbids the use of its name without the permission of Soke.

Okinawa Orthodox Kojo-ryu Karate-do

Tottori Branch

Tottori Branch Chief, Yamada Michio

Okinawa Orthodox Kojo-ryu Karate-do

8th Soke, Kojo Tatsumi

January 2015