Itoman Morinobu Translation Update

I’ve been working on the translation of Itoman Morinobu’s second book, Kenbu Zaso (拳武雑考-Miscellaneous thoughts on Marital Arts), for several months and I am close to finishing it. Instead of presenting it as a separate book to his “Research on Karate-Jutsu (Toude-jutsu)” I have decided to combine the two books into one. I had hoped to include his Ryukyu Shimpo Newspaper articles, The Study of Karate (1959) and Ancient Martial Arts of the Ryukyu (1960). However, despite receiving copies of these newspaper articles from the Okinawa Prefectural Library, about 30% of each article is unreadable and so, despite my best efforts (including having a professional translator attempt and fail to interpolate the unreadable characters) , I was unable to translate them. So, unfortunately they will not be included in the translation. Perhaps someday when I can track down clean copies of the articles I will include them in an updated edition. On a positive note, I was able to acquire and translate a copy of the article ‘Proletariat Martial Arts’ that Itoman discusses in Chapter Three which will be included in the translation. Below are a few pages from the test copy I received. I will post more later.

Good Training