Karate & Longevity

Unexpected barometer of life expectancy! You can determine your risk of death by your grip strength! On NHK’s “Tameshite Gatten” program, it seems that data shows that people with a strong grip live longer.

If you think of training your grip strength, you would normally think of training your fingers, but in the program, they didn’t train their hands. If you train your lower body, your upper body will follow. The following text is included in the program.

When you continuously move the large muscles in your body, such as doing squats, your body produces substances that synthesizes muscle. In particular, a substance called IGF-1. This substance has been found to be transported throughout the body in the bloodstream to build more and more muscle.

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Naifanchi training solved this in the old days as the best way to strengthen the body. There’s no point in doing upper body training like Sanchin, or a broad Kiba-dachi either. Naifanchi stance should be a little wider than shoulder width with the feeling of dropping your hips. When you sit down this way, you can move laterally in a relaxed manner. Training with nigiri-game, chishi, etc. in Naifanchi stance is also useful.

Traditional kata has meaning, and there are many things that are difficult to understand through Western physical education when it comes to the human body.

Originally published on the Okinawa Den Kojo-ryu Karate-do Blog