Jadou: You’re doing it the wrong way!

Jadou, Karate, Kobudo, Vancouver, BC

Another week and another onslaught of videos on the web showing hopelessly unskilled, out-of- shape “Kurodee” masters demonstrating kata or technique on hapless students, reinforcing my feeling that the internet is like reading the worst book on Karate ever written.

When I was still on social media my feeds were inundated by these kinds of videos. So I’m glad I disconnected from it. At any rate, I find myself becoming more and more of a curmudgeon when viewing these videos and catch myself mumbling, “Jadou” (邪道). Jadou means doing something incorrectly or in an undesirable way from how it is usually done.

Of course in Japanese Budo there is the tradition of sh-ha-ri where a person eventually finds her unique interpretation of the art she practices after many long years of practice, but jadou is not a part of this at all. Jadou implies a lack of understanding of shuhari as well as a lack of proper instruction.

So please go back to your teacher, sifu, guru, sensei or whomever you study with and have him polish your technique and kata a little more. You and everyone else will be the better for it.