I’m no expert

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For most of my adult life I’ve practiced and researched Okinawa Karatedō and Ryukyu Kobudō. So for that reason I’m sometimes mistaken as some kind of “expert”. Well, I’m sorry to say that they’ve gotten it completely wrong. No, I’m just a little more familiar with the work of some excellent teachers and researchers who are the real experts.

I see myself instead as a translator and communicator of information on Okinawa Karatedō and Ryukyu Kobudō. I think I’m good at that, but always aim to improve. Some of the real experts are acquainted with me, and check-out my work, so because of that I can be confident that if I get something wrong they’ll let me know! The only thing I am ‘expert’ in is writing, but even then I am humbled by the writing of others.