Ikemiya Kiki: Student of Higaonna Kanryo


Ikemiya Kiki (L) & Higaonan Kanjun (R)
Ikemiya Kiki (L) & Higaonan Kanjun (R)(1)
Here is a short little entry translated partly from Ryubun about Ikemiya Kiteru a famous vocalist and sansen musician of Nomura-ryu , but also a student of Karate-do under Higaonna Kanryo. His full biography can be read here.


Ikemiya Kiki (Born Feb 7, 1886 – Died Jul 22, 1967)

Descended from the Zheng family; one of the original thirty-six families sent to the Ryukyu Kingdom from Fuzhou in 1392. Around the age of 15 (1901), Ikemiya started to learn Karate from Shimabukuro of Azama at his home. There were six or seven students including Tagashira, Toguchi, Yamashiro and Miyazato . Later he became a student of West Higaonna [Kanryo]. Other students training at that time were Miyagi Chojun, Kyoda Juhatsu and Shimabukuro of Shuri.

(1) Higaonna Kanjun was the son of Higaonna Kanyu. Kanyu was also the cousin of Higaonna Kanryo and both men had studied Karate in China. Kanjun was a noted academic who published in the fields of anthropology, culture and history of the Ryukyus.