Ebooks for Charity!

Ebooks for Charity!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been busy translating a variety of materials related to Karate. Below you can find to a few of them and I hope to add more in the near future. The details for each ebook – summary, sample page(s), ordering information are below each title and all of them are in PDF format. The price of each ebook is by donation (donate as much or as little as you’d like, it all helps, but never donate if it will cause you financial stress – and if you’d like to read the translations but can’t afford to donate, just fire me off an email). All sales from them will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. At this time, payment can only be processed via Paypal. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: kowakandojo at icloud dot com

Karate & Intoxication Kuroda Gentaro

  • Originally published in the December, 1921 edition of "The Journal of Statistics" No. 428. The article outlines ten years of statistical data (1911 to 1920) on the use of Karate and Karate-like methods in individuals convicted of assault, manslaughter, attempted murder, or murder. The article provides a unique view of life, Karate, and criminal justice on Okinawa in the early 20th century. (7 pages; 8 tables)

The Armed Ryukyu Yokoyama Kendo

  • Originally published in “Satsuma & Ryukyu” by Yokoyama Kendo. Tokyo: Chuo Shoin, 1914, pp. 190-217. The book is a collection of essays by different authors on a variety of topics ranging from history, customs, manners, geography, etc., with a particular emphasis on the relationship between Ryukyu and Satsuma, and Japan in general. This chapter outlines observations about Karate and the idea of Okinawa being perceived as a country that "does not know war". (17 pages, 7 photos).
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