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Higa Minoru is the well-known head of the Kyudokan dojo founded by his uncle Higa Yuchoku. What readers may not know is that besides being an outstanding Karateka and instructor, he also boxed, practiced Judo and was heavily involved in the Okinawa powerlifting and body building scene (his physique even today is impressive at the age of 79).

Below are a series of short articles from Physique Online about Higa’s involvement in the powerlifting and body building community on Okinawa.

First Bodybuilding Center Opens in Naha City(August 1, 1971)

Minoru Higa, who has been training at his employer’s bodybuilding club in Naha City, Okinawa for a long time, decided to open a gym because there was no other bodybuilding gym in the city, and he wanted to make bodybuilding more accessible to as many people as possible. Mr. Higa is hard at work preparing for the opening on August 1. The new center will be located near the city hall and will be easily accessible.

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The 7th Okinawa Prefecture Powerlifting Championship” (June 1, 1981)

Minoru Higa, Vice President of the Okinawa Powerlifting Association, and I (Nakamura Shoei) discussed the matter of the Okinawa Powerlifting Association becoming a member of the Prefectural Council of Physical Education, and submitted the application documents and are awaiting the decision of the Board of Directors of the Prefectural Council of Physical Education in May. According to Mr. Yoshimasa Ozato, head of the body building association, “It will probably be approved by the board of directors,” and if approved, we will consider holding the All-Kyushu Powerlifting Championship in Okinawa as a commemorative event.

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“Naha Bodybuilding Center’s 10th Anniversary”

Naha Bodybuilding Center (Chairman: Minoru Higa), which was established in September 1971 as the second gym in Okinawa to be accredited by the Japan Bodybuilding Association, celebrated its 10th anniversary on November 15 at the Kokura Kaikan in Naha City with ‘Miss Bodybuilding 1980’ Michiko Nishiwaki as its guest. The event was attended by 150 people, mostly from the bodybuilding industry, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of the center. Among them were Mr. Yotaka Gushiken , who trained at the gym as an amateur, Mr. Shoei Nakamura , Mr. Phillip Uehara, and Mr. Masahide Kinjo. Naha Bodybuilding Center is the gym that started the current bodybuilding boom in Okinawa Prefecture, with over a thousand members over the past ten years. Mr. Higa, the chairman of Naha Bodybuilding Center, is also the president of the Okinawa Bodybuilding Association and the vice president of the Okinawa Powerlifting Association, and is working hard to promote and develop bodybuilding.

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From left to right: Mr. Uehara, Chairman of Okinawa Kyoei Gym, Mr. Gushiken, Ms. Nishiwaki, and Mr. Minoru Higa, Chairman of Naha Bodybuilding Center, who came to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the gym.