Gratitude & Update

I would like to sincerely thank everyone for supporting the translation of Mabuni and Nakasone’s ‘An Introduction to Karate-do’ by purchasing a copy. In addition to that translation, I have been chipping away at Itoman Morinobu’s (Seijin) second book ‘Kenbu Zasso’ (拳武雑考 – Random Thoughts on Martial Arts). I am hoping to combine this second book with his first (Karate Kenkyu – Study of Toudi) along with translations of a series of newspaper articles he wrote in 1959 and 1960 to present his complete works. However, parts of the article I have are unreadable. I confirmed with the Okinawa Prefectural Library that these are the best copies available and that, indeed, sections are illegible. So I’m stuck. Most likely, I will have to hire a highly skilled translator who is also a native Japanese speaker to attempt to interpolate the characters (kanji) that are unreadable. If that fails, I will, unfortunately, have to abandon this idea and exclude the articles and perhaps keep the two books separate. At any rate, I thought I would update people as to some of the other projects I am working on.