Grand Master of Flowers

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So, I’ve been thinking of some new titles and ranks that ego-inflated teachers and their students could use in Karate and Kobudo. Instead of using the ubiquitous terms like shihan, soke, hanshi or more riduculous terms like doshu or zokucho, why not use English titles? Heck, why limit yourself to 10 dan levels? Why not more?   

Given the fictional nature of most of the titles used by monster ego teachers, what I propose is a list of dan levels and titles based in fiction. I suggest using the titles from from the classic “Monk” character from D&D. I think this will solve the problem quite nicely as the titles are in English and everyone can understand them and there are plenty of them with corresponding dan levels, so there’s plenty of room for their egos to grow 😉

Prposed New Dan Ranks & Titles

1st Novice

2nd Initiate

3rd Brother

4th Disciple

5th Immaculate

6th Master

7th Superior Master

8th Master of Dragons

9th Master of the North Wind

10th Master of the West Wind

11th Master of the South Wind

12th Master of the East Wind

13th Master of Winter

14th Master of Autumn

15th Master of Summer

16th Master of Spring

17th Grand Master of Flowers