Apologies for not posting anything for a while but I am still chipping away at Karate-do Nyumon. The problems…err….challenges… of pre-war Karate books are many , but to name a few: the generally poor level of writing, the lack of proper punctuation (it was only recently adopted during that era), the use of non-modern kanji; as well as historical, philosophical references; idioms, proverbs… I think you get the idea.

At any rate, I need to get away from that for a little while so I thought this article, although a few years old now, is still interesting.

Gohaku-ryu – Training with Single-minded Devotion

■ Okinawa Goju-ryu and Tomari Karate Association Senbukan Sohonbu Tokashiki Dojo

Tokashiki Iken, Chairman of the Board of Directors Tokashiki Tadao, Dojo Head

While the chairman of the Okinawa Goju-ryu and Tomari Karate Association, Tokashiki Iken (77), looks on his students are sweating single-mindedly. Currently his eldest son, Tadao (52) has taken over as Dojo Chief.

When he was 17 years old, Mr. Tokashiki joined the dojo of Nakasone Seiyu, a Karate master who was a friend of his father. With the permission of Nakasone, he joined the dojo of Fukuchi Seiko, a teacher of Goju-ryu, and in 1982, he combined Goju-ryu and Tomari-te to form the Okinawa Goju-ryu and Tomari-te Karate Promotion Association (Gohakukai). Four years later he named the style Gohaku-ryu. “The kata are closer to actual fighting,” says Chairman Tokashiki.

Aoyama Yasuo (68), who joined the style 34 years ago after moving from Chiba, said, “The more I practice, the farther away I get from the chairman and the more I realize how immature I am.” Dojo Chief Tadao said, “We have a great responsibility to pass these kata to future generations,” he is working hard to teach it every day.

(Aragaki Ryo, Sports Department)

Originally published in the Okinawa Times in September 25, 2017