Fukuchi Seko – Memorial Demonstration – Part 1

Fukuchi Seko, Goju-ryu, Karate, Lessons, Vancouver, BC, Kitsilano
Fukuchi Seko (1919 – 1975)

A year or so ago I posted about Fukuchi Seko, an important but not well-known teacher of Goju-ryu. He was the student of Higa Seko and subsequently the teacher of Hokama Tetsuhiro and Tokashiki Iken. Fukuchi passed away suddenly in 1975, but it wasn’t until 1984 that a memorial demonstration was held to honor him. Below you can find the first set of videos from the demonstration featuring some well-known and up-in-coming (at the time) teachers.

I’ve tried to organize them by broad style categories and this first set focuses on Goju-ryu and specifically Sanchin kata. I hope you enjoy them.

Miyazato Keijin & Uehara Seizo

Sanchin – Miyazato Keijin (Gohakukai) from Kowakan on Vimeo.

Shinjo Masanobu & Toyama Zenshu

Sanchin – Toyama Zenshu from Kowakan on Vimeo.