Fukuchi Seko Memorial Demonstration – Part 2

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Today’s post continues with some more videos from Fukuchi Seko’s memorial demonstration held in 1984. As I mentioned previously, Fukuchi is an important but relatively unknown teacher of Goju-ryu who had studied under Higa Seko, ultimately becoming his assistant instructor. He was also the teacher of Hokama Tetsuhiro and Tokashiki Iken, two well-known contemporary teachers of Goju-ryu. But what readers may not know is that he was also one of the Karate teachers of Gakiya Yoshiaki.

This set of videos also focuses on Goju-ryu, specifically Sesan kata. The performances are excellent and I hope you enjoy them.

Uehara Ko

Sesan – Uehara Ko (Jikishinkan) from Kowakan on Vimeo.

Miyazato Masao

Sesan Miyazato Masao – (Meibukan) from Kowakan on Vimeo.