Fukuchi Seiko Memorial Demonstration – Part 4

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I’d fallen behind posting these other videos from the 1984 Fukuchi Seiko memorial demonstration. If you want to share the videos I would appreciate it if you will use this blog link instead of posting the video directly. I hope you enjoy them.

These videos focus on several expert performances of Goju-ryu Seipai by Toguchi Sekichi (Shoreikan), Ikemiyagi Masaaki (Meibukan) and Yagi Meitatsu (Meibukan). As I said in my other postings on the videos from this demonstration, the subtle differences between the demonstrations are interesting and educational.

Seipai – Toguchi Sekichi (Shoreikan)

Kururunfa – Ikemiyagi (Meibukan)

Sanseru – Yagi Meitatsu (Meibukan)