The Dumbing-down of Karate-do

If you’re over 40, like me, then you have the feeling that there’s been a general ” dumbing-down” of Karate-do. That there’s a lack of appreciation for quality Karate-do. You can blame it on whatever you want: ‘kurodee‘, sport Karate, or Karate tourism, or any other asinine activity that labels itself Karate, but the impression remains.

IMHO, there is a limited understanding of the spirit of Karate-do and it’s meaning. When these elements of traditional Karate-do are missing then you are left with little more than a hobby; at best a means of entertaining yourself and at worst a waste of your precious time.

I wonder what will happen if we continue to trivialize Karate-do as we do now? Where will end up? The future may seem a little bleak, but on a brighter note Traditional Karate-do dojo, albeit few in number, are alive and well both in Okinawa, Japan, and abroad. Hopefully you are a part of one of those dojo. Good training.