Alan Watts & Karate

Paraphrasing Alan Watts You can be loyal to your style or sensei just as you…

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Tou’on-kai Dojo Kun

宣誓 Oath 我々は礼儀を重んすべし謙譲の心を養う We must be polite and cultivate humility. 我々は心身を発展すべし技能の練磨に励べし We must develop our…


Don’t Cause Any Trouble, Ok?

While I was living in Japan, I was flipping through the TV one day when I stumbled upon a news program. The reporter was interviewing parents at an elementary school entrance ceremony and asked one father about what he wanted for his child’s future. His reply was interesting and contrasted sharply with what a North American parent might say.


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I find Toyama (Oyadomari) Kanken one of the most interesting and colourful teachers to have…

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Toyama (Oyadomari) Kanken