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I think the following short article published in the 1930s about Karate gives some interesting insight into the attitude towards the fledgling art on mainland Japan. The tone of the article seems to suggest that already by this time, Karate had been co-opted as a means of indoctrinating people into the prevailing military attitude of the time. I hope you enjoy it.



Physical Education & Karate

Karate, 1940, Vancouver, Kitsilano, BC, Goju
Physical education and Karate have an interesting history on Okinawa and mainland Japan. I think that Miyagi, Mabuni, Funakoshi and others were all headed towards and general physical education model of Karate in the hopes of popularizing it (along the lines of Judo and Kendo) on Okinawa and mainland Japan. Indeed, in Karate-do Taikan, Nakasone goes on to state that one of the problems with karate-do was the fact that students had to “start-over” if then went to study under another teacher. I believe they wanted to avoid this dilemma and the fact that it is written in Nakasone’s book points all the more to this trend.


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Miyagi Tatuhiko Sensei


On Tuesday I arrived in Kagoshima to train with Miyagi sensei. It had been almost three years since I’d last seen him. After checking in at my hotel I contacted Miyagi sensei to tell him I’d arrived (1). Although Tuesday is not a regular practice day at the dojo, Miyagi sensei still took the time to meet and teach me. He’s always been generous with his time.

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