Books on Kojo-ryu Part 3

A Visit to the Kojo Family

Fujiwara visits the Kojo family.

The first visit was in the summer of 1973 when he visited the Kojo home. He had received a letter of introduction from an alumnus , Mr. Noguchi, of the Waseda University Judo Club.

When I mentioned this to Hayashi Shihan, he said he had never heard of Kojo sensei going to Waseda University. I emailed the university Judo club to confirm this, but they did not respond. Mr. Fujiwara may have been mistaken.

When he visited Okinawa at that time, he rang the bell at the Kojo house and no one answered. He had come all the way from Tokyo so there was no way he was going to leave. So he climbed over the gate and walked to the front door, and saw Kojo sensei was inside. The bell was probably broken.

In the garden, he asked his son, Shigeru to show him kata, but added that he wouldn’t show him kata if he was going to take photos. When he said he was only going to look and not take any photos, Shigeru did kata which included Suparempei. (Apparently the Suparempei was different from the modern kata?)

Kojo Shigeru had trained at the Miyagi dojo when he was young, so he may have been familiar with Suparempei kata, but I don’t think he knew Goju-ryu kata.

I told this story to Hayashi Shihan as well, and he seemed puzzled. Even Hayashi Shihan said he had never seen that kata of Kojo sensei, so this story along with the one about his early University days are not credible.

On his second visit, he was welcomed with a meal at home with the family.


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