Books on Kojo-ryu – Part 2

In February 2007, I met and interviewed Fujiwara Ryozo. Mr. Fujiwara was the owner of a an office building in Daikanyama at that time, and on the first floor was his office where we had our interview.

The office was like a library with so many books and I read them at the time of our visit. There is a large framed picture of Konishi Yasuhiro (President of Japan Karate-do Ryobukai) next to the front of the office. It seems that Fujiwara learned Ryobukai Karate.

Fujiwara was an officer of All Japan Karate Federation (Zenkuren) (head of the Reference Department) and he wrote the books and other materials that I mentioned last time. He said that after graduating from the University of Tokyo, he worked as a reporter for several publications.

When he was doing Judo at the Kodokan, he saw Mr. Tominakoshi (Funakoshi) of Shotokan. I think he was interested in Karate. At the Kodokan, he said he had done kumite with Kimura Masahiko. When I asked him what kind of kumite it was, he said it was like fighting with steel.

His story was quite accurate and credible.