A Lovely Day to Train

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I hope everyone is safe and keeping well. In today’s post I wanted to say how much I enjoyed training this morning. It was a perfect Fall day to get outside and practice Karate and Kobudo. One silver lining to Covid-19 is getting me out of the dojo and back outside (rain, snow or sunshine) for practice and for that I am grateful. On days like these I have no desire to return to training inside, even if it was safe enough to do so.

On reflection, training outside made me realize how our practice can become entangled by modern Karate and Kobudo’s trappings: dojo, keiko gi, obi, photos on the wall, shinden, kamidana, etc. Please don’t misunderstand that I am not (in principle) against these things, but when your practice is centred around them you can lose the spirit of budo. Today was a nice reminder of where a Karateka’s and Kobudoka’s attention needs to be focused. Below you can find a few photos from this morning’s socially distanced training.

Peter using the latest addition to the Kobudo arsenal, the leaf blower
Socially distanced kumibo I
Socially distanced kumibo II