As I mentioned in my earlier post I am in the process of checking, editing and formatting Mabuni Kenwa’s and Nakasone Genwa’s 1938 book, Karate-do Nyumon or An Introduction to Karate-do. A few of you might be interested in the table of contents which I have written out below. Warning, its long.

In February 2007, I met and interviewed Fujiwara Ryozo. Mr. Fujiwara was the owner of a an office building in Daikanyama at that time, and on the first floor was his office where we had our interview.

Just a bit of housekeeping today. First, I’ve been updating “The Study of China Hand” by Itoman Morinobu so it is currently unavailable, but after it is done I will be offering it as an ebook in addition to the usual paperback.

Next, I continue to work on the translation of Nakasone and Mabuni’s ‘Introduction to Karate-do’ which I am happy to say is currently being proof-read by some very generous friends. Afterwards will be formatting and layout. In addition I am adding quite a bit of supplementary material including Mabuni’s articles from the magazine ‘Karate Studies’ (Karate no Kenkyu 空手の研究). The first is ‘Karate ni sente nashi’ which has already been translated by Mark Tankosich who is generously letting me use his translation. The second one is a short article on ‘Karate Kumite’ (also provided by Mark).

Unexpected barometer of life expectancy! You can determine your risk of death by your grip strength! On NHK’s “Tameshite Gatten” program, it seems that data shows that people with a strong grip live longer.