Unlike my friend Fred Lohse sensei, I never got to train with Sakai Ryugo, but thanks to his introduction many years ago I was able to train with his son Sakai Ryusho sensei and the shihandai of the Ryukyukaikan, Miyagi Tatsuhiko sensei. Ryugo sensei’s Goju-ryu lineage is quite interesting (like most senior Goju-ryu teachers), but what struck me the most was the philosophy he articulated.

Like most teachers of his generation, there is an emphasis on responsibility, discipline and self-reliance that is missing in my opinion from modern Karateka. So, I decided to translate Ryugo’s sensei’s ideals and philosophy as they appear on the Ryushinkaikan website. I hope you find them as insightful as I did.

Just a quick update that I have a first pass translation of Mabuni and Nakasone’s Kobo Jizai Goshin Kenpo Karate-do Nyumon (攻防自在護身拳法空手道入門). It’s rough, and there’s still much to be done including: double and triple checking the translation, editing, proofing, formatting, and many other things, but I’m happy that I was able to complete it.

When I was learning Kobudo from Minowa sensei I could get away with asking him questions directly; something that my senpai would never be able to do. In hindsight I cringe at what I did, but when I trained with sensei it was during my first three years in Japan and I was so culturally inept and my Japanese was still developing.