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Yasuzato Yoriyuki

You may not recognize the name Yasuzato Yoriyuki, but he was the grandson of Azato Anko, the famed Karate and Jigen-ryu master who was a student of Matsumura Sokon as well as teacher to Funakoshi Gichin. Read more →

The Passing of Kyoda Juhatsu

August 31 marks the 52nd anniversary of the passing of Kyoda Juhatsu sensei. On that day I will keep Kyoda sensei in my thoughts as I practice the kata he passed on through Kanzaki sensei and now Ikeda sensei. Read more →

HIchiya Yoshio – Dojo Tour 2

“Do not be struck by others, do not strike others”, the founder’s last teachings, held in his heart

Okinawa Goju-ryu Karate Association Hichiya Dojo, Yoshio Hichiya (Holder of the Intangible Cultural Asset of Okinawa Prefecture)

Do not be hit by others, do not hit others”. With this in mind, he ties his belt tightly around his Karate-gi. It’s this same moment when he stands tall, just as he did 63 years ago when he first encountered Karate. He is still standing at the Hichiya Dojo in Shuri, Ishinome-cho, Naha City, where he has a keen eye for teaching. He is respected for his overwhelming technique and gentle personality, and his dojo attracts Karateka from both Okinawa and abroad. Read more →

Joe Swift Interview

An interview with my good friend Joe Swift (Tokyo Mushinkan) discussing his book “Itosu Anko: Savior of a Cultural Heritage” on the Conversations on Karate podcast, episode 22. I Think you will find the discussion very insightful. Enjoy.

Higaonna Morio – Dojo Visit 4

Higaonna Morio (78), Supreme Master of Goju-ryu and a designated intangible cultural asset of Okinawa Prefecture, offers tea and incense at the International Okinawa Goju-ryu Karate-do Federation General Headquarters, Higaonna Karate Dojo in Makishi, Naha City, on the first and fifteenth day of the lunar calendar every month. Read more →

Uehara Takenobu “There is no End to Karate”

Sixty Years of Training, Growing Everyday

[Dojo Visit, 1]

Karate is for training the mind. If you continue to train, you will acquire a strong body and a strong and tough spirit. Uehara Takenobu, 87, is the holder of a prefectural designation of an intangible cultural asset for Okinawa Karate and Kobujutsu, . He has been devoting himself to Karate for 60 years. The 10th dan instructor of Uechi-ryu continues to hone his skills and mind, saying, “There is no end to Karate“. At his Uechi-ryu Karate-do Shinkokai Head Dojo in Oroku, Naha City, where he serves as the chief instructor, he continues to teach his students the traditions he has inherited, including kata and philosophy. Read more →


Apologies for not posting anything for a while but I am still chipping away at Karate-do Nyumon. The problems…err….challenges… of pre-war Karate books are many , but to name a few: the generally poor level of writing, the lack of proper punctuation (it was only recently adopted during that era), the use of non-modern kanji; as well as historical, philosophical references; idioms, proverbs… I think you get the idea. Read more →

The Story of Chinese Boxing

I translated this article about Uechi-ryu founder Uechi Kanbun several years ago, but am reposting it here as readers may find it interesting. It was originally written by Mabuni Sho and published in the magazine Karate Kenkyu, 1934 pg. 92-93. Enjoy. Read more →