07 May

Ryukyu Kobudo Shinko Kai Vancouver Seminar May 25, 26, 28

Yoshimura sensei & Justin

I will be hosting my teacher, Yoshimura sensei, in Vancouver May 25 to May 28 for a seminar in Ryukyu Kobudo. Sensei was student of Minowa Katsuhiko sensei for 25 years and is the head of the Ryukyu Kobudo Shinko Kai (you can find out more about Minowa sensei and Yoshimura sensei here). Details about the seminar and the application form can be found HERE. Please email kowakandojo@icloud.com for any questions or inquiries about the seminar.

11 May

Okinawa citizens urged to get behind bid to put prefecture’s style of karate on UNESCO map

A recent article from the Okinawa Times which may be of interest to readers.

Okinawa citizens urged to get behind bid to put prefecture’s style of karate on UNESCO map


MAY 11, 2018
There are growing expectations for Okinawa natives such as Ryo Kiyuna, pictured, who won his sixth-straight men's 'kata' national championship in December, to seize gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. | THE OKINAWA TIMES

Ryo Kiyuna, 6-time men’s ‘kata’ national champion

The first international tournament for Okinawa style karate is scheduled for August, and expectations are growing that the martial art will become even more popular at home and abroad.

A future vision for the martial art, crafted by the Okinawa Prefectural Government, local karate organizations and the business circle, presents aspirations for the style over a 20-year time scale based from the hopes of local people, and proposes a range of possible measures to be taken to improve its preservation and promotion.

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25 Apr

Karate-do & Social Media: Going Full Circle

Remember in the early 1990s when listserv was a new and exciting way to interact and exchange information on Karate-do. I remember logging in on my old modem in front of my giant green lit monitor and looking forward to reading what other like-minded people had written. Then came online groups like Egroups in the late 1990s and then blogs in the early 2000s. Although there was disagreement, in both of these platforms there was a sense of community. All of these have been eclipses by social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and others. Admittedly I tried some of these platforms and came away from them a little shocked and disappointed. Read More

24 Jan

Bye Bye Arigato Sayonara…

I’m dating myself when I say that I like the J-pop group Sharam-Q. The group was led by Tsunku who long after the group’s popularity waned went on to become a well-known producer. Sadly, Tsunku saw his singing career come to a complete halt in 2014 when he was diagnosed with throat cancer and failing radiation therapy had his vocal cords removed. He still appears on television from time to time and with the aid of his laptop, still provides lively commentary.  Read More